Experience taking control of your environment like never before

Discover Humidifier Benefits with the Habitat Smart Humidifier

Control from anywhere
Wherever you go, Habitat can be monitored and controlled to improve indoor air quality
‘Intelligent’ wifi humidifier
As a smart humidifier, Habitat will learn what humidity is best for you as you use it in your home
As the best humidifier, Habitat turns on when you arrive and off when you depart
Group devices
Multiple Habitat devices can be controlled all at the same time

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Explore humidifier benefits and features

Explore the features of the humidifier

Creating a Healthier and More Comfortable Environment has Never been Easier

about habitat
Unlike any other top humidifiers, Habitat promises easy use, unmatched innovation and superior product quality. Protect your family from negative health effects of dry air or inadequate humidity by bringing your indoor air quality into the 21st century. Making your home healthier through innovation — we are Habitat.