Hello, we are Habitat

Your home is your habitat. It’s more than simply four walls and a roof over your head. It’s where you feel the safest and most comfortable. At Habitat, we believe that the environment in your home is important to your well-being. We would like to enable you with the products that allow you to take full control of your home environment in a way that has been unavailable until now. We understand that there are specific needs when it comes to the home environment and this typically requires using top air purifiers to achieve those goals. We want to give you the control necessary to make your home comfortable.

Our mission

Habitat was built upon the core tenets of integrity and professionalism. While our foundation stays firmly planted in our promise to always do our best for every customer, we always work to improve the design and functionality of our products. Offering the best home humidifiers, air purifiers, light therapy products and aromatherapy diffusers, we give today’s homeowner a wide array of home health products -- each enhanced with style and improved by technology.

High-quality home health products for over half-a-century

HealthSmart® International is an evolution of the Briggs Corporation, a trusted partner to the healthcare industry for over 65 years. HealthSmart designs, creates and distributes healthcare products, ranging from respiratory devices and top humidifiers to bath safety items that help people stay healthy and enable them to live better, more independent lives. HealthSmart has been dedicated to serving your healthcare needs by providing you with a broad range of wellness and healthy-living products for children, adults and seniors.

We believe that you shouldn’t have to compromise style for function, and that is why we offer a full selection of healthcare products that help our customers look and feel good. When you’re shopping for healthcare products for you, your family or your customers, you always want to make sure you’re getting the best products possible. You can trust HealthSmart to offer best-in-class, high-quality products that will meet your healthy-living needs, whatever they may be. To learn more about the HealthSmart mission, check out our video.

Though our revolutionary wifi humidifier with a diffuser is quickly becoming our flagship product, Habitat is proud to be a HealthSmart company. Our products, and the team that builds them, lead the industry in user-friendly design, trustworthy dependability and superior customer care.

Experts in health product design & engineering

ISO-certified as a medical device company, Habitat is a team of hand-selected experts in consumer product design and health product engineering. Not only do we create our products to be of exceptional quality, we make them to beautifully integrate with your decor. Avoiding the boxy, ugly, and clinical aspects of traditional home health products, we choose colors, shapes and features for our wifi humidifier that you’d be proud to include in every room of your home. Making your home healthier through innovation, we welcome you to Habitat.



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