Learn more about how Habitat works


Water level sensing with Habitat

Habitat uses a unique sensor which was developed specifically for Habitat. The inclusion of a water level sensor allows Habitat to keep track of the water level on the water tank. But wait, there’s more. The team at Habitat have come up with a clever algorithm which uses the information that is gathered by the water level sensor to also give you real time information about the water freshness in the water tank, the amount of time that remains before the tank is empty as well as if the humidity that you are trying to reach is actually achievable!

Testing Habitat before it goes to your home

Testing testing 1,2,3. It’s important to us that we design products that work well. Prior to sending Habitat to you, we’ve ensured that the humidifier is working properly. We built our own testing fixture to run each Habitat through a rigorous testing procedure to test the functionality of all moving parts. Life cycle testing of the main components in the humidifier have also been conducted to provide confidence of a lasting experience in your home.


Lets go cloud watching

Maybe you’ve noticed the clouds gracefully moving in the background when using the Habitat app. We didn’t just add clouds to bring calmness and serenity into your life, we also wanted to include a fun way for you to identify the humidity in your home. When you don’t see many clouds moving along in the background while using the Habitat app, that means that you indoor humidity is low. Seeing lots of clouds? Then your humidity has increased.



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