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Features located in the device menu

By tapping on the Main menu icon or the Device menu icon, you can access additional menus that will assit you in operating Habitat. You can also swipe left or right on the screen to access these two menus.

The device menu will be used for operating a selected device or a group from the main menu. The device menu can also be used to assign additional tasks as well as customize settings for the Habitat humidifier.

On / Standby Button
To put Habitat into Standby mode, tap this button. Tapping it once again will turn Habitat back on.
Modes List
Habitat can operate in five different modes. Each mode offers a unique way to operate Habitat. Select a mode by tapping on it. The appearance of the main app screen will change depending on the mode that you have selected. The selected mode will be used to control the device or group that is selected in the main menu.
Create a Wake Up alarm and Habitat will be sure to wake you in the morning with mist. Tap on the Wake Up icon to access the wake up menu. Create custom schedules for Habitat to turn on and off by tapping on the Scheduler icon.
Other Settings
Customize the physical UI brightness, lock the UI or change the room size where Habitat is located by tapping on the Device Settings icon. Tapping on the Display Settings icon will allow you to customize the Heads up display on the main screen. To view Wi-Fi information, tap on the Network icon. Tapping on the Instructions icon will take you to a detailed user manual on operating Habitat and using the Habitat app while tapping on the About icon will provide information about the Habitat humidifier.
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