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How to connect Habitat to wireless network

Connect to Wi-Fi to control and monitor Habitat remotely with the Habitat app. Begin by removing the water tank from the humidifier base and flipping the base over. You will also need to download the Habitat app for your mobile device. Create a new user account and follow the instructions for adding a new device. When propmted, push and hold the Wi-Fi setup button on the underside of the humidifier base until it blinks blue.
*The Habitat app requires a device running iOS or Android and an internet connection.

The Wi-Fi- setup button will change color to indicate useful information. Refer to the various color states below to learn what each color represents.

H1 needs to be in Listening Mode in order to begin connecting with the Habitat App. When H1 is in Listening Mode, it is waiting for your input to connect to Wi-Fi. You will know it is in listening mode because the light color will be blue and will blink. If H1 is not connected to a network, the light will be breathing blue. Note that this will be dark blue and not cyan.
If the button is blinking green, it is trying to connect to the internet. If you already setup the Wi-Fi connection, give your device a few seconds to connect and start breathing cyan. When the button is connected to a Wi-Fi network but not to the cloud, it will be breathing green.
When the button breathing cyan, your H1 is happily connected to the Internet. When the button is in the process of connecting to the cloud, it will rapidly blink cyan. You often see this when you first connect your H1 to a network, after it has just blinked green.
When the button blinking purple, your H1 is ready for a firmware update and will begin to update automatically.
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