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How to use smart mode

Smart mode will allow you to specify a desired humidity target. Once the specified humidity target is achieved, Habitat will maintain that level of humidity.

To specify a desired humidity target, drag the humidity marble left or right. When the humidity marble is to the right of the current humidity indicator, Habitat will produce mist until the specified humidity target has been achieved. When the humidity marble is to the left of the current humidity indicator, Habitat will stop producing mist until the humdity drops to the position where the humidity marble has been placed.

The green zone which the humidity marble travels in is the achievable humidity range. The achievable humidity range is determined by taking into account the outdoor and indoor environmental conditions, the water level in the water tank and the size of the room where the Habitat humidifier is located. The humidity marble is limited to this range but the achievable humidity range can be disabled by going into the Device menu > Display Settings. Doing so will allow you to move the humidity marble freely.

The speed of the fan in Habitat can be contorlled. Tap on the Fan speed control icon to view the Fan speed controls. When the fan speed is low, the noise created by Habitat will reduce significantly. Note that not all modes allow you to control the fan speed.

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